Bible Class


Bible Class is a more formalised version of the Bible Reading Group and happens on a Thursday evening at 8:00 pm. Usually around a dozen or so meet in the back room at the Kirby Road hall, but occasionally in a home.

We have a programme of topics, usually based on Bible study, but sometimes meditational or practical.

There are usually hymns/songs and prayers and an introductory Bible reading. A brother will then present a prepared study for around 30 minutes, after which our custom is that he makes drinks for all whilst they discuss what he has been saying.

These evenings can be very rewarding as well as being a good point of spiritual reference in a busy week.

You are welcome to come along if you feel this would be helpful to you. It is probably best to call Paul Newman beforehand just to check the exact location. His number is: 01582 726253

Bible Class Programme