Bible Reading Group


Reading the Bible for yourself is the only real way to find God's truth. Many who have done so over the centuries have discovered new questions about basic beliefs as well as comfort and peace for today and hope for tomorrow.

Christadelphians try to read the Bible every day and learn a little more. The Bible Reading Group is an informal way to share this together.

It is a small group, maybe half a dozen, meeting in the back room at the Kirby Road hall or sometimes in a home. Some verses are read together and then discussed freely.

At the moment the topic is Deuteronomy - sometimes a difficult book to read alone and understand, but actually full of very relevant messages for us today.

The BRG meets every other Wednesday at 2:30 pm.

The group leader is Peter Goodwin and he would be delighted to hear from you. His telephone number is: 01525 872856