Sunday Morning


In line with its general aim to reach back to first century beliefs and practices, the Christadelphian approach to Sunday morning worship is reasonably conservative by some modern standards. It is usually meditational in nature and, without any pastors or priests, it is led by a number of the men (brothers). Baptised women (sisters) wear head coverings.

It is a simple service, usually referred to as a 'Breaking of Bread' or 'Memorial Service'. The order of service is traditional with Bible readings, hymns, prayers, collection (non-obligatory), announcements and a sermon ('exhortation'), often by a visiting speaker from another church. 

Hymns are usually taken from the Christadelphian Hymn Book. They are largely classical and sometimes well-known hymns, though in some cases the words have been adapted a little. More recently a selection of more modern hymns have been included and occasionally a modern 'Praise the Lord' book will be used. All are accompanied on a classical electric organ.

The central point is the sharing together of a loaf of bread and a cup of wine, each after prayers of thanks by a brother. The 'emblems' are passed around the seated audience and taken by baptised Christadelphians only.

You are more than welcome to come along and join with us. If you feel more comfortable you can sit at the back, although you really needn't feel shy!

Here's a video about our Sunday mornings: